About Us

Numa Gaia Foundation dba Santa Fe METHA is a 501c3 non-profit educational and spiritual organization. We offer a sacred space for contemplation, study and healing. Our class curriculum, coaching programs, healing studio and community events are crafted to help elevate lives, open hearts, cultivate minds and nurture bodies.

METHA aims to inspire and cultivate conscious awakenings, authentic spiritual emancipation and mindful leadership, opening our doors for anyone and everyone who is seeking to experience and further develop personal breakthroughs and soul evolution.

Our Social Manifesto

  • Ignite lives! and open doors, eyes-hearts-and-minds into their spiritual quests, meaningful calling and true sense of purpose. Forward and upward!
  • Cultivate life enrichment & human potential by facilitating local & national events, classes and networking opportunities and products/services experience. We encourage and support conscious-living choices and the healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyles.
  • Help expand earth consciousness and green living community education and social dialogue by showcasing the eco-brands, sustainable resources and change-catalysts and their advocacy to reduce our footprint impact.
  • Provide free or discounted access to health & wellness program focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery targeting active & retired Military, Firefighters & Law Enforcement personnel, Veterans and general public (women and men) victims of grief, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, panic disorders, fobias and opioids addictions.
  • Nurture holistic entrepreneurship and validate the efforts, value and authenticity of experts & brands making a difference in our communities.

We need your support! All sponsorship contributions, donations and special programs & sessions bookings are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please contact us for more information on how to get involved, make a donation and available co-op & board membership opportunities.