Numa Gaia

Numa Gaia (aka Reverend Maria Baez, RM Cht.) is the brains and heart behind the HolisticGLOBE brands, the Holistic Leadership Society, Santa Fe METHA Collective and Numa Gaia Foundation.

This inspirational afro-hispanic, USA Army veteran woman proudly wears many hats, bringing together in this lifetime the ability to open doors for organic human connections and spark spiritual awakenings. Her gift channels authentic “big-picture” focused manifestation, past-present-future understanding and deep connection to the spiritual world to help you to have a profound, transformational, healing and life-changing experience.

Her healing techniques include energy work, spiritual readings, guided journeys, akashic regression, crystal therapy, Reiki, EFT, NLP and meditation. As a metaphysical teacher she presents topics on spirituality, psychic development, Reiki certifications and holistic workshops.

She is an eclectic visionary and one of the most engaged holistic business development expert and strategic liaison in the holistic industry inter-connecting consumers, experts, organizations, causes and providers nationwide. With over a combined quarter million subscribers under her wing, she is a resourceful, well-connected and accomplished mentor providing guidance and insights on how to create, sustain and grow a holistic enterprise with authentic energy, best practices and standard business compliance.

Born intuitive with a unique view of life and spirituality, she is an ever-learning student of dharma with a diverse finance, business development and military background. This unexpected twist and rare duality of spirituality meets discipline helps her integrate and enforce the great importance of following both your heart and mind in a loving and logical way for both personal and professional aspects of your life.

Her ultimate dream and goal is that her activism, enterprises and special projects serve as a global platform for holistic education, personal healing, social empowerment and spiritual evolution for all.

Professional Profile

  • Ordained Minister and Reiki Master  (Traditional Usui Method of Natural Healing)
  • Intuitive Soul Guide, Teacher & Author
  • Tantric Healer
  • Holistic Business Coach, Founder of HolisticGLOBE and the Holistic Leadership Society
  • EFT & NLP Advanced Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Crystal Healing Master & Teacher