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    Spiritual Alchemy Sessions

    Every true manifestation starts with a seed of intention and the desire to create, change or improve your reality. The success of your manifestation ritual is defined by the focus of your intent and connection to self and spirit. A personalized manifestation ritual will help channel & purify your energy and intensify your intention. Consultation includes custom crystal grids, personal mantras, special baths, spiritual tools and personal altar development. Benefits: Access to Spiritual Sources to Improve Your Life Tools for Intentional Manifestation Personal Empowerment Spiritual Growth 30 Minute Session $33 / Book Your Appointment

  • Healing Session,  Healing Studio Offerings,  Spiritual Readings,  Spirituality

    Spiritual Consultations

    Re-introduce yourself to the spirituality within you, life-path insights and all available possibilities for self-improvement and personal evolution.  Enjoy a private, confidential and non-judgmental message and spiritual re-connection session to validate questions and answers you already know true to your heart, obtain a better outlook and further clarity and re-gain control of your life’s purpose. We’ll consult beautiful, peaceful and loving oracle cards & spirit guides for enlightenment, divine guidance and re-connection to your higher self. Let’s dive into your path, past influence, present circumstances and immediate future and navigate life’s matters such as health, career, relationships and soul’s journey. Each session is a meaningful opportunity to grow spiritually. Benefits:…