Crystal Mastery Certification Program

Become a Certified Crystal Healing Expert – 12 Class Series: Program features in depth chakra healing work, sacred symbols, crystal programming, grids,  metaphysical theories and manifestation techniques.

  1. Crystal Mastery Fundamental (Introductory Beginners Guide)
  2. Healing – Root Chakra
  3. Healing – Sacral Chakra
  4. Healing – Solar Plexus Chakra
  5. Healing – Heart Chakra
  6. Healing – Throat Chakra
  7. Healing – 3rd Eye Chakra
  8. Healing – Crown Chakra
  9. Crystal Alchemy – Crystals for Awakening and Spiritual Evolution
  10. Crystal Alchemy – Crystals for Prosperity
  11. Crystal Alchemy – Crystals for Protection
  12. Crystal Alchemy – Crystals for Love and Self-Care
  13. Thesis Presentation & Graduation


  • $22 Fundamental Intro
  • $44  p/Core Class
  • $99 Thesis Presentation and Alchemy Kit Development
  • $450 Entire Program (Pre-Paid)

Thesis presentation, alchemy kit and a minimum of 12 hrs of crystal healing hands-on sessions with testimonials required for graduation and certification.

Crystal Mastery Fundamental intro class is required prerequisite to join any core classes. In order to keep training and curriculum consistency you must register to core classes in proper series’ order.

Check Calendar for Upcoming Classes!