A Journey Within (R&R Personal Mini-Retreat)

Book a half-day of spiritual bliss and soul pampering. A personal & intimate mystical and esoteric quest to self-discovery and healing to elevate your spirit, remove blockages and stagnant energy; and eliminate stress & frustration and self-doubts from the equation. This unique reservation will re-introduced yourself to the core spirituality within you and all available possibilities for self-improvement and personal evolution.

Join Numa Gaia for a meaningful (private and confidential) session of enlightenment, spiritual pampering, energy clearing, chakra balancing and re-connection to your higher self. Eliminate negativity, obtain clarity and re-gain control of your life’s purpose.

Journey Within is a compassionate opportunity to look inward, contemplating, re-assessing your feelings, emotions, life path, goals and priorities. Time for re-connecting to source and your true self to regain inner peace, balance and clarity.

This experience features the best of our healing studio offerings: healing, soul guidance, vibrant energy renewal and a rekindled sense of self.

  • In-depth Spiritual Consultation diving into your path, past influence, present circumstances and immediate future and navigate life’s matters such as health, career, relationships and soul’s journey; and addressing lingering questions and validating answers you already know true to your heart.
  • Energy Healing/Crystal Therapy
  • Etheric Detox
  • Chakra Flow Breath-Work and Gentle Body Stretch

$222    //   3 Hr Seclusion   –  RSVP Today