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Etheric & Pranic Body Detox

Etheric & Pranic Body Detox is an in-depth energetic cleanse and reboot. We are energy and we are affected by everything and everyone around us. Life’s ups and downs, unexpressed feelings and emotions, unloving thoughts, traumas, shock, stress, poor nutrition, unhealthy relationships, bad habits and personal disregard will play a significant role against our well-being.  At times the effect may unfold as absorption and retention of negativity and blockages that keep us from growth and success. This 45-Minute session will help unblock, cleanse and balance your physical, auric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies helping stimulates your spiritual growth, body-mind-spirit harmony and the development of unconditional love and compassion.


  • Release Toxins, Blockages and Negativity
  • Open, Clean and Balance Chakras
  • Restore Harmony and Inner Balance
  • Stimulate Creative Flow
  • Open New Doors and Clears Our Paths

45 Minute Session $77 / Book Your Appointment