The Art of Dreaming

July 21, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Santa Fe METHA
1900 Chamisa Street - Suite A
Maurice Tapia
What To Expect?
The pragmatic utilization of our experience within the realm of dreaming or also known has LUCID DREAMING.
What you might NOT know however,that it’s actually very good for you.
It has surprising health benefits and practical real world uses.
I am sure if you are reading this that your are ready to start Lucid Dreaming. I hope I can entice you with some important subjects especially if you have never had a Lucid Dream.
The lecture will introduce to the things one can do while one is Lucid Dreaming and practical real world uses for Lucid Dreaming including emotional healing and removing fears from your mind.
    It’s a life changing ability that is available to everyone but almost no one knows about it.
WHY?   Well that’s what I’m trying to fix…
Maybe one day the world will be able to Lucid Dream.

Bring the Teachings of Don Juan into your everyday life.

Millions of readers of Carlos Castaneda books have long enjoyed the fantastic teachings of Don Juan Matus, the Yaqui Shaman from northern Mexico. Now in series of lectures practical techniques of these teachings will be offered that can be applied into your everyday life. These lectures are not only for the readers of Carlos Castaneda books but will prove to be an invaluable, practical and in-depth guide to anyone who is fascinated with Dreaming as an Art Form.

Maurice Rey has lived in northern New Mexico most of his life ad kept alive the spiritual path of the ancient Toltecs. His work has not been as an academic investigator but instead as a participant dedicated to the preservation and continuation of their tradition. he gives workshops in the techniques described in Carlos Castaneda’s books.

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