Healing Studio

Santa Fe METHA is located inside House of Gaia, a sacred and private studio for healing, spiritual awakening and empowerment. Visiting our healing studio is a very private, confidential and personal experience. We operate under flexible schedule, in order to accommodate your special scheduling needs. Our doors are open by Appointment Only/No Walk Ins -catering one client at a time- honoring their needs for exclusive undivided attention, privacy and seclusion.

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Healing Studio Offerings: 9 Doorways to Awakening

  1. Journey Within
  2. Ascension Therapy
  3. Etheric Detox
  4. Crystal Therapy
  5. Reiki Energy Healing
  6. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  7. Gaia Flow ~ Chakra Yoga & Breathwork
  8. Guided Meditations and Akashic Journeys
  9. Spiritual Readings / Soul Guidance