Evol.u.tionary Blueprint™

Imagine having a right hand helping you succeed. Someone totally on your side encouraging your motivation, inspiration and transformation. Someone who sees your potential and holds a vision for who you want to be, while completely accepting and seeing you for how amazing you already are.

Evol.u.tionary Blueprint™ is the ultimate guide into transformation & breakthroughs for you and your business. Each blueprint is unique and tailored to help expand your vision, maximize your reach and grow your income by narrowing down strategies that create the most direct paths to smart work and greater income. With a combination of gentle but firm support, honest feedback and trendy techniques, the Evolutionary Blueprint maps the road for you.

Our holistic business coaching program is ideal for visionaries committed to their business and brands and eager to take a step forward and upward by defining true missions with a solid business foundation. We deliver a simple, focused and interactive eye-heart-and-mind opening program that will influence how you honor yourself and your holistic business.

We cover all aspects of holistic business development –from planning to execution- covering conception, structure, compliance & best practices, strategies, sales, networking, exposure, marketing and customer building techniques, understanding the intrinsic of holistic entrepreneurship and how to make it work for you.

Program’s 4 Pillars:  Authenticity,  Resonance, Continuity and Mastery.  Each coaching level runs for 12 weeks (3-months each). Total program extends up to 1-year.

First Step: A Discovery Session

No-string attached, private and confidential introductory phone or in-person consultation, where we learn about your and your goals and will guide you on what’s possible and relevant to you and the growth of your holistic practice. This meeting will help you decide on your own if our program is the right match for your vision.