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Simple & Sustainable Path to Personal Power (Audio Seminar / MP3 Download)

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A Path to Personal Power is a 3-part transformational audio-seminar created to inspire and guide you to go within and extract the best version of yourself. You will go thru a series of lectures and how-to tutorials that unveil a simple and effective roadmap to kick-start the vibrant life you are meant to live. This audio course will help you create a realistic and sustainable path to become and stay happy, nurtured, empowered, balanced and motivated.

  • Lecture 1  I AM       9 powerful and simple lessons on authentic living. You will find or re-discover who you truly are, your true voice and your purpose.  Reassess your routines, your priorities and what truly matters in your life. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom and the real foundation of personal power.
  • Lecture 2  I EAT    5 eye-mind-and-heart opening lessons to help you nurture your body, mind and spirit with healthy foods. Lecture 1 took you on a journey to self and show you how to embrace your authentic energy, now you to need to make sure you have the energy, good health and stamina to take on life! Under-nourished, weak and/or sick people can’t change the world or help others. Self-care first, so you can be truly be of service to those you care about. Healthy eating transitions, reading labels and deciphering which food is good for you or not can be quite confusing and overwhelming. This lecture is designed to make it easy for you to understand food and will guide to thru the best path to take if healthy eating, wellness and longevity is your goal.
  • Lecture 3  I DO      7 lessons on how to go from dreaming to doing featuring a simple guide on how to manifest your goals. Once you figure out your purpose and true voice, and start taking care of your body and mind with nourishing foods, the next logical step is to make life happen! This final piece to the puzzle will show you the top 7 tips on how to create and tackle a successful and genuine action plan, regardless if you are working on a life goal or a business or career project. It’s time to walk the talk, take charge and make it happen for yourself.

Download Options – Available NOV 15

You can download entire seminar or each lecture individually.  Individual lectures are powerful on their own but in other to fully experience  a transformational breakthrough we recommend you download “Simple and Sustainable Path to Personal Power” all 3 parts and listen to each section in proper logical and intuitive order.

  • Entire Seminar (all 3 parts) $97  (30% Savings – Bundle)
  • Part 1. I AM (Individual Lecture) $57
  • Part 2. I EAT (Individual Lecture) $47
  • Part 3. I DO (Individual Lecture) $37