Red Awakening Sedona Soul Retreat

A gentle, both guided and self-paced, spiritual immersion experience at the sacred and magical geological wonderland that’s Sedona, AZ.

The Spiritual Mecca

Sedona is a city located in the northern Verde Valley region of the U.S. state of Arizona. Sedona’s main attraction is its array of red sandstone formations. The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. The red rocks form a popular backdrop for many activities, ranging from spiritual pursuits to the hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails.

This magical city is famous for the powerful and healing energy of its vortexes. A vortex is a place on the Earth where unusual amounts of subtle electromagnetic energy enter or leave in a spiral movement. Of the Earth’s 21 known vortexes, five are in Sedona.

Sedona’s crystal-filled majestic red mountains, powerful vortexes and magical vibration provides  the perfect opportunity to disconnect  from day to day turmoil, heal wounds,  rekindle with purpose, find peace within,  listen to your heart, release negativity, reconcile karma, embrace forgiveness and a second chance to a happy and balanced life.  Its 4-element rich nature is the ideal landscape for deep meditation, self-assurance, psychic development, spiritual writing, healing journals and masterminding powerful business projects.

The Experience

The weekend journey is crafted for non-interrupted time away for self-discovery, healing, soul guidance, self-assessment and true empowerment. Open, navigate and balance your connection to self and others, clearing your energy centers from crown to root. You are invited to experience a redefining spiritual experience, intentional manifestation and new beginning in your life’s journey. A time to re-connect with your true self and soul purpose and re-assess your path, goals and best interests.

Flexible Booking / Lodging Optional / Healthy Snacks Included.


Soul Alchemy_Gratitude Ritual (Limited to 12 Participants)

Our ritual is all about bringing sacredness into your life, and about honoring something greater than all of us. Guided meditation and sound healing bath to clean your aura and your chakras in preparation for higher connection and communion with the Divine, triggering self-healing and helping us to re-connect with the forces moving the universe, that energy that is within all life.

We are grateful for life’s blessings, prosperity opportunities, new friends and our loved ones. We’ll connect with our creator, spirit guides and our higher guidance to honor Gaia – Pachamama – Mother Earth and all she gifts us with; water, air, food, life itself.

Love and Healing Altar offerings welcome: we invite you to please bring sacred items, loved ones pictures or prayer list to be placed on our altar for blessings and healing channeling during our sacred ceremony.


Vortex Tour & Sacred Land Ceremony (Limited to 12 Participants)

Deep exploration of main vortexes and their individual energy. Experience the sacred land, guided meditation and spiritual rituals.


Peaceful Walks for Self-Contemplation (Limited to 12 Participants)

A relaxed self-paced visit to sacred retreat site, featuring labyrinths, medicine wheel, angel wheel and Lemurian energy contemplation. Also visiting the Sacred Amitabha Peace Park for Infinite Compassion meditation.

Monday (Optional Extension)

Journey Within Private Sessions – Self Discovery & Healing (Limited to 6 Participants)

This is a unique one-on-one (private and confidential) self-discovery and healing session. A time of enlightenment, spiritual pampering, energy clearing, chakra cleansing/balancing and re-connection to spirit and your higher self. Crafted to help you regain inner peace, balance and clarity, during this session we’ll dive into your path, past influence, present circumstances and immediate future and navigate life’s matters such as health, career, relationships and soul’s journey. It’s an opportunity to access universal wisdom, eliminate negativity, obtain clarity and open new doorways in your life.

Session Include:

  • Soul Reading and spiritual channeling messages from spirit and source, addressing lingering questions and validating answers you already know true to your heart.
  • Energy Healing Therapy. A combination of reiki, crystal therapy and special techniques for emotional release, chakra balancing and aura cleaning.
  • Intuitive Coaching for life/career path enlightenment.

You’ll experience mental-spiritual-emotional and physical balance, healing, vibrant energy renewal and rekindled sense of self, ready and eager to re-gain control of your life’s purpose.

2018 Events – RSVP TODAY! Space is limited to 6-12 participants per schedule.


HOW TO RESERVE? You Can Book Standard Weekend, Extended Weekend or Individual A-La-Carte Experience. Meals INCLUDED / Lodging OPTIONAL.  //  Please note that your reservation DOES NOT include air travel or local transportation to retreat location. This is a secluded full immersion experience. RSVP Only. No Walk-Ins. Private retreat location accessible to registered participants only.