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    Simple & Sustainable Path to Personal Power (Audio Seminar / MP3 Download)

    DOWNLOAD NOW A Path to Personal Power is a 3-part transformational audio-seminar created to inspire and guide you to go within and extract the best version of yourself. You will go thru a series of lectures and how-to tutorials that unveil a simple and effective roadmap to kick-start the vibrant life you are meant to live. This audio course will help you create a realistic and sustainable path to become and stay happy, nurtured, empowered, balanced and motivated. Lecture 1  I AM       9 powerful and simple lessons on authentic living. You will find or re-discover who you truly are, your true voice and your purpose.  Reassess your routines, your priorities…

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    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Not all wounds are visible. Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy is a safe, gentle and non-invasive guided acupressure healing, affirmations and spiritual counseling that triggers emotional release by tapping specific meridians and pressure points, unblocking & removing negative emotional/metal/spiritual patterns and implementing positive ones. Issues addressed: life traditions, relationships and boundaries, self-acceptance and life purpose. Benefits: Excellent tool for self-assessment and in-depth personal discovery Stress management and reduction Treats anxiety, depression, phobias, PTSD, co-dependency, grief & loss, and trauma Eliminates tension and reprehension Help release suppressed feelings and emotions Improve self-esteem, performance and focus 60 Minute Session $55 / Book Your Appointment